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  • 23.11.15 -
    The practice of setting aside a day of giving thanks has been observed since ancient times throughout the world, but the origin of America’s Thanksgiving tradition is usually traced back to the Pilgrims in 1621. By today’s standards, those early settlers in Plymouth Colony (Massachusetts) had little to be thankful for. They had arrived in the New World the previous year, fleeing religious persecution. More than half of the English settlers died from starvation and cold during their first winter... Read More
  • 26.09.15 -
    From its earliest colonization, America has been the standard bearer of religious freedom. French Protestants fleeing religious persecution established a Huguenot colony at Fort Caroline (Florida) in 1564, followed by the Pilgrims and Puritans colonizing New England. Roger Williams founded Rhode Island in 1636, which rapidly became a haven for Quakers, Jews, and other “dissenters” who refused to compromise their religious convictions. Americans have enjoyed a degree of religious liberty... Read More
  • Work is a pleasure
    05.09.15 -
    Congress established Labor Day in 1894 to celebrate the contributions workers make to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country. The success of any nation, family or individual is contingent upon our commitment to work. But somewhere along the line we have been fed the idea that a life full of free time, leisure, and relaxation is the most satisfying. The truth, however, is that our greatest sense of self-worth, of accomplishment and satisfaction comes not from the work we avoid,... Read More
  • Independence Hall
    04.07.15 -
    I stood in the corner of the room—alone, except for the spirits of those brave and inspired men who had been there before. My eyes wondered from desk to desk, from chair to chair, until they settled on the armchair at the front of the room where George Washington sat for nearly three months. On the back of the chair was carved a half sun shining over the horizon. “I have often looked at that sun….” Though spoken more than two centuries earlier, the words of Benjamin Franklin still echoed in the... Read More
  • 13.04.15 -
    Public education and transportation funding domi­nated this year’s legislative session. Strengthening our educational system and maintaining our trans­porta­tion infrastructure are vital to the social and eco­nomic success of our state. Idaho is truly be­com­ing the state of choice for doing business and raising families. Thank you for the privilege to represent you. With the 2015 legislative session recently concluded, I wanted to share with you some of this year’s highlights: More Money for... Read More
  • Idaho State Capitol
    02.01.15 -
    Political prognostication is hazardous pastime. It is dangerous to predict how a group of lawmakers, representing unique constituencies, will function when thrown together for the legislative session. As uncertain as the future is, I thought I would give a shot at identifying the major issues facing the 2015 Idaho Legislature: Education Enhancements There is a good chance that the legislature will completely restore the funding for public schools and approve the largest public education budget... Read More
  • HJR 2
    24.10.14 -
    “Government Regulation:” a term that has become synonymous with excessive interference in our lives, our businesses, and even in our homes. Every year state agencies across the nation promulgate thousands of rules and regulations that have the effect of law. Idaho is one of only a handful of states in which the legislature conducts public hearings to review those rules every year in order to determine if they are necessary and compatible with Idaho’s statutes. Although the legislature does not... Read More
  • 17.09.14 -
    September 17 marks 227 years since the signing of the United States Constitution. Examining the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention and the delegates that attended reveals what a miraculous feat they accomplished—quite a contrast to our current government. Facing issues far more significant and challenging than those that paralyze today’s Congress, these men crafted a framework for freedom through reasonable discussion, vigorous debate, and considerable compromise. Seventy-four... Read More
  • 22.08.14 -
    Americans have sacrificed much to preserve this government of, by, and for the people. From this nation’s birth, we have risked lives, fortunes, and honor to defend those principles we hold so dear. Even while enjoying the freedoms and opportunities this country affords us, many citizens have lost trust in government and even more have lost interest. I believe God is relying on us to be the Light of Freedom to the rest of his world, but we cannot radiate that light if we become bogged down in... Read More
  • 11.05.14 -
    The Power of Your Local Vote When founded, most states allowed only Caucasian males—who either owned property (i.e., at least 50 acres of land), or, had taxable incomes—to vote. This right was paid for with many lives during the American Revolution. Today, as America has matured, rights have been extended to citizens as young as 18 years old, to women, and to racial minorities. In each case, there has been a price paid to give the right to vote.This April, an unprecedented number of... Read More